About Us

The Cozé Coffee Bar came from a love for coffee and community.  The goal from the beginning has been to provide amazingly high quality coffees from all over the world using our unique specialty coffee brewing style and spreading a specialty coffee culture to the people around us.  At Cozé, the specialty line of drinks are all the product of successful experimentation among staff and friends.


The world of specialty coffee and Cozé looks at single-origin coffees like fine wines, each is unique and special.   We have our own line of homemade, all natural flavors and continue to add new coffee and tea flavors every season.  Cozé has become a place not only to get a great tasting, high quality cup of coffee, but also a place to create, have fun, and experience it in a fresh new way. 

Our close relationship with White House Fruit Farm has been wonderful, and where better to be than right next to the donuts with a good cup of Cozé?  We look forward to another year of great coffees and wonderful friendships.​ At Cozé we'll have the coffee hot, freshly ground, and waiting for every new friend that comes to the counter.  Come join our coffee community, and see what we're all about!

We're open on the weekends throughout the year, and at White House Fruit Farm events Such as the Fall Celebration Weekends in September and October.​

Natural syrups made by us, for you.

There is no high fructose corn syrup, artifical colorants or other pollutants.

Just yummy flavors that create big smiles.





Mocha Fire (with cayenne)

Salted Caramel

Vanilla (SF, SC & V)




Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Toasted Marshmallow



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