Traveler’s Notes:

Coffee: Mt. Hagen - Paupa New Guinea

Producer: Roteps Wet Mill

Origin: Western Highlands

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1600 -1900 masl

Flavor Profile: Papaya, vanilla, and honey melt together in this smooth, luxorious coffee perfect for soothing sips and satisfying slurps.


Bio:  From the very beginning Paupa New Guinea has held a special place in our mugs and in our hearts at Voyager Coffee and Tea.  This single origin offering in particular highlights the quality that we continue to see coming from this small producing country in the middle of the Pacific.  Soft notes of Papaya complimented by deep vanilla and honey are hallmarks of the outstanding potential that coffees from the Western Highlands have shown in the past 5 years, and continue to shine on the international coffee stage!   If you're looking for a very satisfying and smooth cup of coffee, you won't find one better than this! 

Mt. Hagen - Paupa New Guinea

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