Traveler’s Notes:

Coffee: Abukado Ethiopia

Producer: Abdul Wahid

Origin: Limmu

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1798  masl

Flavor Profile: The BERRY BOMB is BACK. Blackberry and strawberry dance on the tip of your toungue while a meyer lemon brightness cleans the finish of this exquisite natural process coffee.


Bio:  It's no secret that we've been counting the days until this fresh crop Ethiopian landed.  Natural process coffees undergo drying with the fruit still in contact with the coffee seed, leaving a residual sweetness that causes coffees like the Abukado Ethiopian to carry such a unique flavor profile.  This is also a contributor for another phenomenon in the flavor of this coffee, a balance in acidities that both prompts a blackberry like evenness to the mouthfeel, and the bright meyer lemon finish that cleanses the palate and leaves your tastebuds begging for more!  Abdul Wahid is the man responsible for this coffee, grown in the Jimma zone of the Limmu region.  Abuakdo, or avocado, is the crop that was grown in conjunction with the microlot this coffee comes from, and prompts its unique name.  Like its namesake, this coffee pairs well with any toast! This coffee is also certified organic.

Abukado Ethiopia

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