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Traveler’s Notes:

Coffee: Kiriga AB Kenya

Producer: Dr. Brian Gakunga

Origin: Kiambu

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1500 masl

Flavor Profile: Floral and winey aromas make way for the mango and stone fruit brightness of this coffee, paired with notes of peapod and cola. 

Bio: Kiriga Estate has 54ha under coffee and sources water from River Chania which cuts across the farm. Dr. Gakunga inherited the farm from his grandfather who bought it from the British settlers. The coffee trees on the farm are 50-70yrs old. The coffee was disc pulped, fully fermented and washed then sundried on elevated drying tables. Consolidated parchment volumes were then delivered to dry mills where they were hulled and graded according to size and density.Kiambu County is located in the Central highlands of Kenya in the former Central Province sharing its borders with five other counties; Nakuru and Kajiado to the West, Murang'a and Nyandarua to the North and Nairobi to the South.Kiambu lies at the foot of The Aberdare Ranges named after Lord Aberdare in the 20th Century. It is source of many rivers including River Chania and poses homage to wildlife.

Kenya AB Kiriga