Traveler’s Notes:

Coffee: Colombia Asprotima

Producer: Asprotimana Cooperative

Origin: Huila

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1000-1100 masl


Flavor Profile: Popping Bergamot and citrus flavors mellow into a smooth brownie like chocolate sweetness, highlighted by a pear like malic acidity.  Light, refreshing mouthfeel.


Bio: The Asprotimana cooperative was founded in 2001 by 32 small producers seeking to elevate their mutual communities by pursuing quality practices and fair trade certification for their specialty coffee offerings.  The cooperative spans 22 small villages, a total near 250 hectares of coffee farmed by 85 families.  Over 80% of the cooperatives coffee is shade grown, which helps to decrease yeilds and increase quality.  The Asprotimana Cooperative is certfied fair trade, and the premium price has been used to build schools, a hospital, a warehouse, and continues to increase the quality of life for not only the coffee farmers but the lives of those in the community as well. 

Colombia Asprotima

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